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SSC has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Air Force military personnel system, the U.S. Government civilian personnel system and how each system relates to your manpower management. SSC has extensive experience providing manpower management support to SPOs.

SSC created, developed, and implemented automated systems to track, update and consolidate all military (MMIS) and civilian (CMIS) personnel information. These automated systems can be easily transferred to any SPO, and all automated reports generated from the MMIS and CMIS can be tailored to meet the needs of the Program Office. These tools provide the users with a menu-driven program that maintains a real-time database for personnel information that is easily reported through thirty different report formats. SSC personnel provided daily, weekly and monthly reports to the Program Offices in Executive Officer Notebooks and through status presentations using graphical formats.

SSC personnel are experienced in all manpower management activities including the processing of military and civilian documents, forms, letters, certifications, awards and decorations, performance reports and worksheets. SSC personnel know how to advertise for SPO manpower positions using the SMC Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) for position descriptions. SSC is also trained in the use of SPO directed software that allows the user to track, consolidate, and report personnel training data in support of the Acquisition Professional Development Program (APDP).

Most important, SSC developed the working relationships necessary to facilitate this manpower support with the SMC personnel organizations [Functional Resource Managers, Detachment 27, Management Engineering Squadron, Consolidated Base Personnel Office (CBPO)]. This allowed SSC to assist the SPOs with efficiently tracking, updating and processing manpower information to support a dynamic personnel environment that includes reorganizations, reductions-in-force, PCAs and PCSs. SSC personnel continued to facilitate all documentation, take all necessary actions to ensure proper coordination and completion of manpower management activities, and advance the communications between SPO management and the SMC base personnel organizations.


  • Business Process Reengineering, Reorganization, Restructuring Support
  • Military/Civilian Personnel Support
  • Professional Military/Continuing Education Program Support
  • APDP Certification Support
  • Military Awards and Decorations Support
  • Suspense Tracking
  • Web Page Development

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