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SSC has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the DHS and U.S. Air Force Acquisition Security Support Activities, DoD Space Systems Protection (DSSP) Program Support, Systems Security Engineering (SSE), Acquisition Systems Protection Training, Orientations, and Conference Support. SSC has extensive experience providing acquisition security management support to SMC SPOs and to the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWC-WPNS) at Point Mugu, California..

SSC will provide assistance in administering and evaluating the functional management aspects of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security requirements for the SPO, the supporting contractor personnel, and other associated Government organizations. This includes assignment of special security representatives and contract monitors to assess potential technical and procedural problems which occur in all areas of the SCI program, including physical and personnel security, intelligence oversight, and SCI classification management requirements. SSC will provide guidance and assistance to contractor personnel in implementation of security requirements as they pertain to SCI management of agencies information, and will prepare recommendations for contractor facilities. Other duties include participation in conferences and meetings to discuss and resolve security issues; attend design reviews; develop and negotiate Memoranda of Agreement (MOA's) for support activities and organizations of other commands, departments and agencies involving SCI related services provided or received; and conduct coordination meetings with senior representatives to finalize MOA's.


  • Receive, process and maintain visit support for a System Program Office (SPO).
  • Provide security support to the Bidder’s library.
  • Ensure all visitors have the required clearances and provide updates to the DMC personnel on a daily basis for upcoming visitors.
  • Provide security awareness management and security training to the SPO.
  • Change safe combinations as personnel leave and during the annual change.
  • Re-load/re-key STU-II (classified) phones as required.
  • Web Page Development
  • Provide support in safeguarding, controlling, handling and accountability of classified information, equipment, and essential mission resources.
  • Initiate, prepare and maintain security-related forms, documents and publications.
  • Support the Base Program Protection Branch in implementing the new Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire which will allow electronic processing of the SF Form 86 to the Defense Investigative Service (DIS).
  • Advises contractor management on protective device and systems for the protection of SCI information.
  • Provide security support to the SBIRS SPO’s Special Compartmental Information Facility (SCIF) as required.
  • Develop, design and the implementation of the SCI Security Education and Awareness for the SPO.

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