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Key Financial Functions

Financial Support Areas

1. Program Control

SSC has demonstrated program control experience in government funding, budgeting, financial tracking and reporting requirements on acquisition programs. SSC personnel have been responsible for tracking, consolidating and updating financial data using various data base management systems. SSC has supported SPO financial managers in the development and implementation of the Budget Estimate Submission (BES) and Program Objective Memorandum (POM) processes. We also recognize that not all SPO program control organizations employ the same techniques or financial systems. SSC supported the program control operations for the Air Force Strategic Defense Initiatives (SDI) Program Office (CN) through budget and cost tracking of Program Management Agreements (PMAs). SSC programmers designed, developed, and implemented a data base management system to efficiently track, update, and consolidate projected and actual PMA financial data. This system included the ability for electronic transfer of data between Los Angeles Air Force Base, Air Force SDI facilities across the U.S., and the SDI Organization offices in Washington D.C. SSC maintained and updated this system and trained government users on the financial data base. SSC provided budget analysis support to post and review program office funding accounts and manage SPO primary and support accounts. Data was collected, analyzed, and updated on a monthly basis and status reports and briefing charts were generated for SPO management. Financial analysis was performed to support program financial reviews. SSC personnel were responsible for the integration of the financial data base to track all PMAs assigned to the Air Force.

SSC personnel have also supported SPO personnel in the development of historical cost estimate documentation (Blue Book). SSC has experienced personnel to support the gathering of quarterly cost, schedule, and performance data for reporting in the Selected Acquisition Report (SAR) and for use in the Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) formats.

2. Proprietary Data Control

SSC is fully qualified to handle and process classified data and documentation in support of program control operations. SSC is a recognized leader in the development and operation of SMC Document Management Centers (DMCs). DMCs perform several important functions for system program offices. As automated central repositories for both classified and unclassified SPO documents such as briefing charts, viewgraphs, CDRL deliverables, general program plans, specifications and reports, the DMCs provide a centralized storage and retrieval function combined with strict accountability and traceability procedures in accordance with DoD and Air Force regulations. Thus, the DMCs provide SPOs with centralized control over document access with intrinsically improved security, retrieval and archival capabilities while relieving SPOs from the routine tasks of classified and unclassified document management and control.

In addition, SSC developed Document Management System (DMS) software that allows for a variety of document search methods and the ability to control or limit user access to selected items within a DMC. Hence, DMCs can support SAR type operations with no addition effort or modification. One of the unique features of the DMC and its associated DMS software is the capability to be easily tailored to meet specific requirements unique to a SPO. SSC initiated the DMC concept at SMC when a classified document center was established at the Strategic Defense Weapons SPO (CNW) in 1987. Since that initial DMC, SSC has established four more in support of government activities. Two of these were established at SMC; one in CNI supporting both CNI and CNP, and another in MJ supporting the DSP program. In addition, SSC established a DMC at PL supporting ALTAIR, and initiated a test bed DMC at SSC headquarters. SSC has successfully employed modified DMCs to host various bidders libraries for competitive acquisitions. SSC understands the disciplines involved, having 5 years of experience in developing, operating and maintaining DMCs.

3. Key Financial Functions

Cost Analysis

  • Cost Estimating
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Engineering Trade Studies
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Software Sizing
  • Target Costing
  • Total  Ownership Cost
  • Cost Research
  • A-76 Studies
  • Warranty Analysis
  • Education & Training
  • Supporting Tools

Financial Management

  • Budget Formulation
  • Resource Analysis
  • Funds Management
  • Budget Analysis & Tracking
  • Change Evaluation
  • Contract Reconciliation
  • Contract Closeout
  • Contract Litigation Support
  • Education & Training
  • Supporting Tools

Program Management

  • Acquisition Support
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Baselining
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Source Selection Support
  • Program Control Procedures
  • Program Management Reviews
  • Risk Analysis / Mitigation
  • Earned Value Management
  • Change Control
  • Process Improvements
  • Education and Training
  • Supporting Tools

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