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SSC has been responsible for successfully managing the physical and personnel resources required to operate, control, and maintaining optical coating and evaluation facilities at the AFRL Phillips Laboratory Site since 1989. This has been accomplished under three prime contracts, Development Optics Facility (1989-1995), Optical Coating and Evaluation (1995-1999), and currently CHELSEA. SSC has provided and continues to provide optical engineers and technicians to conduct operations in the areas of optical coating, optical component evaluation, high resolution scatter mapping, optical polishing and quality assurance.

In the Optical Coating Laboratory, SSC engineers and technicians design, develop and fabricate thin film coatings for a broad range of laser and optical system research and development programs, including the Air Force Airborne Laser (ABL) and SBL programs and classified Los Alamos National Laboratory programs. SSC coats optics to meet optical performance specifications and develops new optical coating processes, materials combinations, techniques and instrumentation to meet program requirements. Work includes coating design, material selection and characterization, component cleaning or stripping, witness sample preparation and production of optical coatings. Optics being coated include transmitting, reflecting, absorbing, polarizing and diffracting. Design and fabrication includes components from millimeters in diameter to 36 inches in diameter. Current research involves the design of thin film coatings for membranes with zero surface stress or with customized stress to produce specific mechanical surface responses. Only SSC has been able to produce these coatings which adhere to plastic films using a combination of optical coating deposition processes.

Optical component evaluation includes testing and analyzing results to evaluate and characterize the condition and performance of optical substrates, thin film optical coatings and other non-optical material surfaces. Inspections and tests include scatterometry, laser calorimetry, reflectance, thermal distortion, stress, durability, stability, and other properties of interest.

In the High Resolution Scatter Mapping Laboratory, SSC performs tests to determine reflective and transmissive scatter on optical components as well as investigate scatter mechanisms for optical health monitoring and active cleaning.

Inspections and tests performed in the Quality Assurance Laboratory include interferometry, surface profilometry, environmental testing, transmitted laser wavefront quality, durability, stability and other properties of interest.

In support of the above activities, SSC has successfully managed the physical and personnel resources required to operate, control and maintain government facilities since 1989. Administrative support functions such as purchasing, property control, safety, health and environmental have been an integral part of operations since that time.

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